Thursday, February 28, 2013


I read this little nugget of geniusness this morning. I always think the same things as what this chick had to say, just never gave it much more than a thought. Until today.

I made it clear for my love of IG in yesterday's post and how my interest in Facebook is slowly declining. It may be because IG is all photo's and I have ALWAYS loved pictures. OR it could be that my Facebook feed often leaves me rolling my eyes more often than not. I say it's a combination of both.

Either way the girl who wrote that post is SPOT ON. We need to quit telling lies on Facebook. I am totally guilty of doing it myself. I post fun times with my kids, my husband and my running success'. There are negative Nancy's out there and nobody wants to hear whining all the time either but on the flip side life is not always rainbows and butterflies.

I have so many friends(on Facebook, not even really IRL anymore) that I see posts from and then it has me questioning my own self, my husband and my kids. I have even gone as far as to get into arguments with my husband and then later realize that it stemmed from something I saw on Facebook. Somebody's significant other did some sort of ooey gooy lovey dovey thing. And I wanted that. Something my husband had no idea about, and no control over, and yet I was punishing him for it.

Maybe I am the only one that does this. But I think not. I am human. I am a woman on top of that. We have some womanly issues fo real! We like to be the best. Have the most well behaved and clean kids. We like to be the prettiest. We like to dress the best. We like to have the most well trained husband(HA!) and the nicest, clean and most put together home.

Yes- issues. Those are some damn crazy ass issues we got and we let that crazy flag fly all over social media to boost ourselves up even more.

Truth is.....

My life is messy. Actually its a fucking pig sty on a good day.

*My floors are constantly dirty from my 2 kids, one who dumps stuff out just for the sake of doing so.

*A load or 5 of laundry can be found any given time on my nice leather sectional.

*We still haven't re-painted the baseboards since we stained our living room floor and it looks like someone threw up on them.

*JT came to our bed last night and his diaper leaked. I covered it up with a towel and went back to sleep.(after I changed his diaper of course)

*My husband likes junk. Old junk and our backyard at times can look like an episode of Sanford and Son.

*None of our remotes have batteries because JT likes to chunk stuff and the backs fall off and fall into an abyss to never be found again.

*I was changing Marley's sheets this past weekend and pulled her bed out from the wall and a nice long streak of chocolate syrup lined her bubble gum pink walls. Chocolate milk spill at its finest.

There is more. Much more. But you get the point.

Though when my day is done at work where do I long to be? HOME. It is not perfect by far. But it is mine.

And I ain't go no more time for dwelling on Fakebook. I don't plan to leave it completely but when I do stop by or even decide to post- it's going to be REAL.


  1. Oh man, that sounds like my house. :-)

  2. On top of all the rainbows and butterflies on facebook I'm totally over everyone's 2 cents when it comes to political rants. Ugh. My husband and I are tossing around he idea of just pitching the FB accounts.

  3. I completely understand!! So sick of Fbook and all the politics negativity etc but at the same time I'm with you. In that issue. Don't want to be debbie downer but we don't want to make it seem like our lives are perfect. There are people out there who think the grass is greener on the other side. But everyone has their issues. Great post as always. Always giving me something to think about. : )

  4. I love the towel over the wet spot....been there, done that! :)

  5. I love this. It is so true. I see women posting lovey-dovey screen shots of their husbands/boyfriends/lova's... and I'm all "UGH my husband never text me during the day (unless it's an errand)" But in reality the reason he can't is because he is at his FULL TIME JOB that he can't have his cell phone with him so he leaves it in his car. And it makes when I do get a sweet text from him so much better because it doesn't happen daily (as some of these women pretend it does) but I find myself doubting myself and us because these people are only showing the extreme happy times. I saw a thing on Pinterest and it said "you can't compare you whole life to everyone else's high-light reel" ... it really sunk home with me. It's so true. Everyone's life is a shit storm. I OBVIOUSLY love this post so much and I could go on and on and on.

  6. Could not agree more. I am way more into IG much more real and honest.....and my IG is so much more limited.....not following all these random people from HS that I truly don't know anymore. Something that makes Facebook so weird is how WELL we know all these people...."no, I think she got a new job in Dallas...." "oh yep, her hair is brown now....and she has bangs!" and it's like.....WHY do I know these things about people I am NOT actually friends with?!! You'd think I just had coffee with them when it reality I haven't seen them face-to-face FOR EIGHT YEARS. I could also go on and on.....great post :)))

  7. Hahaha I totally throw a towel over per or sometimes throw up too, and go back to bed!!

  8. I left Facebook about a month ago and it was the best feeling EVER!!! All it did was reek havoc in my life - so over it and deactivating my account was like - HEAVEN!

  9. Hi new here from Lora's blog. This is so true. The only reason I leave mine open is to make sure no one posts anything about me or my kids. IG is much better.

  10. New follower here too! I agree with you about FB, over it! And our baseboards got removed when the floors were redone and have never been replaced. Classy.

  11. Your house totally sounds like mine! Thanks for keeping it real. I am SO sick of hearing about everyone's perfect marriages, their angelic children, and their extravagant vacations. I love this post, and am your newest follower. :)

  12. I love love love this Mere! I also get a little J when I'm on FB. Everyone looks so pretty with such cute kids and nice houses. I saw something on pinterest once that read "Don't compare your behind the scenes with everyone else's highlight reel". Don't you just love that?!

  13. Keeping it real, thank goodness. After all those crazy Elf on the Shelf pics over Christmas and their crazy antics I was done!!! (I could barely remember to move that sucker once a week.) I only do it now for the Blog. And as for houses, I have a recliner piled with clothes for ironing that are a permanent fixture. And when we do clean my daughter asks who's coming over because that is the only time it gets done. Whose got time for that between, working, cooking, working out, and trying to get quality time with the family.

  14. This was an awesome post. I too have been toying with the idea of deactivating my FB account.